Perhaps it’s all about the journey and not the Destination....
From humble beginnings, born in West Virginia, life has always been a challenge. Yet, through all my obstacles, G-d has seen me through and guided me to overcome and be victorious. The lessons learned are invaluable and the one thing I hope to gain and then impart to others is wisdom, insight, and breadth of understanding as measureless as the sand on the seashore.
About April
Name: April Dawn
Favorite Color: Aqua Marine
Favorite Movie: Dune
Yes I am a Sci-Fi buff!
l Borders Cafe
Thousand Oaks
Oct 12th 7:30pm
The Fall is here!
Now available on iTunes
The Fall
The ability to create music is a gift to be cherished and shared for generations.
My number 1 dietary rule is: Eat everything as close to nature as possible and avoid any man made chemical and/or chemically altered “food”. (This usually means no fast food!)
My Favorite Places
  1. 1.Green Valley Ranch, Henderson,NV
  2. 2.The Rolling Hills of WV
  3. 3.My Garden
  4. 4.Inn of the Seventh Ray Restaurant, Old Topanga Rd, S.California
  5. 5.Zuma Beach, California
My favorite links
ASCAP Member
I enjoy the entire creative process. Not just of music. I have done theatre, oil painting, photography, clothing design, and creative writing. It seems I am just not happy unless I am creating!
April at BBKings, Universal